Effluent Treatment Equipments


We supply a variety of water softeners to remove the hardness of water. Our high quality resins give a good transfer rate. This resin will remove calcium & magnesium from water. Softeners are designed according to the raw water characeristics and outlet quality of water.

High Rate solid Contact clarifiers

HRSCC is mostly used in applications wherein a large variation in the inlet conditions has to be tolerated by the system. HRSCC produces an effluent of the highest quality in minimum time and space and using a minimum amount of chemicals. HRSCC has two tanks inside RCC tank. Inner one is central draft tube or mixing well and outter is detention zone. Fresh chemicals are injected into raw water being pumped at a constant rate into the clarifier center mixing well where it is contacted and mixed with recycled chemicals and solids pumped from the sludge blanket by a recirculation pump. The coagulated water is distributed to a larger flocculation well where the chemical reactions forming insoluble floc particles are completed. The particles increase in size as they contact and adhere to each other. As the flocculation process proceeds and the particles grow, they become heavy and sink toward the bottom of the clarifier forming a sludge blanket. At this time the floc will capture small impurities in the raw water by electromotive attraction and simple entrapment. This ensures a higher clarified water quality and greater tolerance to variations in inlet conditions. These mechanisms are functionally designed so as to provide economy and ease in installation, operation and maintenance.


Clariflocculators are generally used Instead of separate flocculation and clarification. This results into economical and faster installation of primary treatment We supply different type of Clariflocculators. It has built in flocculation well and flocculator used to create flock. A flocculator allows sediment to settle into bigger flocks and a clarifier filters it out. Clariflocculator have one tank bolted to bridge which is known as flocculation zone. Flocculator mechanism is fitted in this tank.

Lamella Clarifier

Lamella Clarifier is a compact, inclined plate type of clarifier. The main advantage of Lamella Clarifer is its compact size compaired to conventional clarifer. It is used for clarification of water, waste water and liquid having suspended and colloidal particles. Settling in lamella clarifer is done by providing number of inclined plates to give large projected surface area. In our lamella clarifer water enters the system from the bottom section of plates and flows upwards between them. The plates sre xo arrenged so as to creat laminar flow for rapid settling of solids. We use PVS plates in our lamella clarifier. Science these are light in weight thay are vary easy to handle, also are good corrosion resistance. These plates are inclind in such a way that the settled particles will slide down from the suface. Total area of settling depends on the inlet flow to the Lamella clarifer.

Tube settler

Like lamella clarifier, tube settlers use multiple tubular channels sloped at an angle of 50° to 60° and adjacent to each other, which combine to form an increased effective settling area. This provides for a particle settling depth that is significantly less than the settling depth of a conventional clarifier, reducing settling times. Material of construction for tubes is PVC, which is light weight. It con be supported on structures. Tubes are available in different sizes which gives it more flexibility to fit in any type of tank.

Surface aerators

We manufacture slow speed surface areators ranging from 1 HP to 40 HP. These aerators are design to perform two functions
1) They transfer air into the basins required by the biological oxidation reactions, and
2) They provide the mixing required for dispersing the air and for contacting the oxygen, wastewater and microbes.
Our aerators have a high oxygen transfer rate of about 1.4 Kg. / HP / Hr. we have specially designed aerators Impellers which are used in the aeration tank. Its Draft tube gives more depth creating good activity at the bottom level too.

Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers are pieces of equipment that remove oil floating on the surface of a fluid. There are several different types of oil skimmers, though all designs depend on the laws of gravity. We are manufacturing two types oil skimming mechanisms, one is having to and fro action and the other one is having circulating action. These are used for separating various oil and fatty materials from effluents. They will also remove suspended material floating on the surface of the water. We provide wide range of skimmers to suite to different flow rates and for the use in different industries.


We are a leading manufacturer of various types of industrial agitators/ flash mixers that are used for different applications. Agitators upto 10 HP and speed ranging from 100 RPM to 1000 RPM are available depending on the application. They are specially designed so as to give better efficiency. Our agitators are available in different material of construction as MS, MSRL,SS304 , SS316.


Flocculator provides gentle agitation by slow moving paddles. This action serve to break up the mass rotation of liquid and promote mixing. The specially designed flocculating paddles enhance flocculation of the feed solids. Low tip speeds create a gentle rotary mixing which promotes floc development.Increased particle contact will promote floc growth and aids faster settling. Our Flocculator consists of paddles revolving around a vertical shaft, coupled to a bridge-mounted motor and reducer. Low tip speeds provide gentle mixing and minimize shearing action on established floc. Flocculators of varioue sizes and material of construction are available as per the application.

Bar Screen

We manufacture bar screen depending on the customer requirement.